Video IQ – Intelligent Video Solutions

First Line Security’s intelligent video solutions, also known as VideoIQ, are able to turn your passive video surveillance system into a dynamic operation that can identify and flag intruders and hazards on site. The systems have even been proven to work during snow or fog conditions.


Most video surveillance systems operate as follows:

  • Multiple cameras are directed in various directions to monitor key areas of the property.
  • Video footage is fed into a control centre where operators monitor dozens of live feeds, or;
  • Video is recorded on site. Footage is only reviewed after an incident occurs.

These systems rely on human operators who may be monitoring dozens of camera feeds and require huge amounts of bandwidth for live video surveillance.

Video IQ takes a more pro-active and cost effective approach to reducing hazards and crime on site.

  • Cameras are programmed to identify human shapes, heat signatures and movements, as well as identifying features and traits of vehicles (cars, boats, etc.)
  • Cameras are programmed to disregard movements that pose no threat (birds, dogs and cats) and focus on specific patterns which signify a hazard or crime on site.
  • When these patterns are recognized, they are flagged by the system and First Line Security’s 24/7 monitoring specialists can immediately hone in on the identified threat.
  • Voicedown capabilities via loudspeaker can be used to scare off intruders and security responders can be dispatched on site.

In addition to providing a more efficient form of threat identification, the system also adapts over time and can learn new patterns to disregard as well as activities which pose legitimate risks.