Remote Sites

First Line Security provides security and protection services for various industries with remote sites such as Oil and Gas, Mining and Energy. Protecting remote sites requires an in-depth understanding of the camp culture within mining camps, oil, gas and pipeline sites and hydroelectric facilities such as dams. Our officers bring years of security experience, first aid (OFA Level 3) training and industry specific knowledge.

First Line Security views the resource sector as a specialized area that requires unique security measures. We can offer plainclothes and uniformed security officers, risk assessment specialists, private investigators, logistics managers and integrated technology systems.

In addition, First Line Security offers the following services to remote locations:

  • Visitor Control
  • Maintenance Checks for safety hazards, flood or fire damage
  • Road Patrol and Radar Enforcement

Health and Safety

First Line Security’s priority with every site is workplace health and safety. All visitors and personnel on site are required to comply with site safety regulations and protocols. First Line Security officers routinely conduct patrols to check for safety hazards, fire or flood damage on site. Our officers will identify and report any concerns immediately. Our team will ensure that all personnel and visitors who enter the site are wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), such as hard hats, steel toe boots and high visibility vests.

Labour Interruptions

In situations where labour interruption or repetitive vandalism has occurred, First Line Security will develop a customized security plan to protect assets and property and ensure operational continuity. Our team will bring the necessary equipment such as vehicles, mobile communications and all protective gear required to address the circumstances. In addition, First Line Security will provide specialized training services. These services can be applied to short-term and long-term contract work.