Real Time Monitoring and Dispatch

With a team of C3 Centre professionals, First Line Security can monitor and respond remotely in real time to any situations requiring a safety or security response. We will then dispatch mobile security officers and vehicles, as well as emergency authorities, as required.


To provide clients with lower costs and greater protection from unauthorized entries, burglary and vandalism, First Line Security can offer back-up services to client’s monitoring stations. Redundant technology and power systems provide continuity of service.

First Line Security’s Key Platform Features include:

  • Compatibility with all major manufacturer brand hardware
  • Accommodation of alarms and peripherals
  • Privacy compliance
  • Secure electronic storage of video and images
  • Financing and leasing options

First Line Security can also offer event analysis, response coordination and real-time incident management through our automation and dispatch centres.

First Line Security’s tailored solutions include:

  • Closed circuit video monitoring (CCTV)
  • Remote Video Monitoring (RVM)
  • e911 Mobile Alarm Response Dispatching
  • 24/7 Customer Service Support
  • Automated access control systems (AACS)
  • GPS tracking and reporting of personnel and assets
  • RFID tag tracking
  • Rapid response resourcing
  • Work-alone hourly check-ins
  • Safety audits