Labour Disruptions

Having represented over 60 businesses in British Columbia during labour disruptions, First Line Security has a proven track record for providing a safe picket line for staff and ensuring that businesses have un-interrupted operations.

First Line Security can customize response and contingency plans for various requirements. Our in-depth selection of services includes:

  • Uniformed Security Officers
  • Executive Protection
  • Real Time Monitoring and Emergency Response
  • K-9 Patrols and Detection
  • GPS-Enabled Vehicle Patrols and Dispatching
  • Security Consulting
  • Private Investigators
  • Business Continuity Plans

First Line Security personnel provide:

  • The security of persons, property and/or assets in relation to the client, and
  • The proper recording of any incident related to breaches against the person or said property.

First Line Security provides solutions to minimize or eliminate potential vandalism and reduce violence and stress during highly emotional situations. With our team of specialists, we create a customized and fully integrated security plan to ensure that business operations, property and assets are protected.

First Line Security personnel are highly trained and arrive on site with all the necessary equipment required such as vehicles, protective gear and mobile communication devices. We provide both short-term and long-term solutions to suit our client’s needs.