GPS Enabled Vehicle Patrols and Dispatching


First Line Security’s Mobile Security Division is a 24-hour operation based in Terrace, BC. Through our C3 Customer Communication Centre, this division is available for alarm dispatch and provides emergency response 24-hours per day.

To minimize response times, First Line Security uses technology that provides views of all vehicles and monitors their speed, idling time and real time location which allows us to dispatch the closest unit.

First Line Security provides mobile operators who are security trained/licensed and actively patrol client’s locations. If unusual activity or required maintenance is identified, the mobile operators will follow the predetermined, site specific protocols.

To ensure an effective and reliable security solution is provided that meets client requirements, First Line Security can schedule patrols at randomized times throughout the evening either once per night or every hour.

First Line Security’s Mobile Division Benefits include:

  • Around-the-Clock Alarm Response Service
  • Remote-Site-Monitoring to ensure maximum coverage
  • Property and Asset Protection to reduce theft and vandalism
  • Detailed Incident Reporting
  • Environmentally-Friendly Vehicles