Aviation Security

First Line Security’s Airport Security Division draws on the expertise of aerodrome experts across British Columbia, with managers and consultants from several major Canadian airports.


First Line Security’s Airport Security Division can provide you with:

  • Employee and Tenant Access Control
  • Security Operations Centre Monitoring
  • Primary Security Line Patroller services
  • Medical Emergency Response
  • Airport Parking Patrols
  • Airside Safety Escorts
  • Explosive Detection

Other services offered by First Line Security include:

  • Rapid Response Resourcing
  • Pre-employment Screening
  • Airport Locksmith Services
  • Non Passenger Screening
  • VIP Protection Services
  • Non-Passenger Screening Services, including cargo and catering
  • K9 Detection Services; Explosive & Narcotics Detection

Aviation Security & Safety Training

Aviation Security services that are focused on voluntary security compliance, security awareness and exceptional customer service are a top priority for First Line Security.

Our Airport Security Team takes ownership and full responsibility for the ongoing upgrade and development of the airport training syllabus and course materials that they provide to clients. In addition, First Line Security has experienced in-house aviation security personnel who provide lectures and training.